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The City of Annapolis in partnership with GRID 202 Partners

ANNAPOLIS, MD (July 13, 2020) – The City of Annapolis in partnership with Generating Returns with Impact and Discipline (GRID) 202, will host the second F.I.S.H. Tank Virtual Workshop at 6 p.m. on Wednesday July 22.  This virtual workshop, with a focus on “Financial Planning 101,” will bring participants together for a virtual and interactive exchange with financial industry professionals.  The workshop will be streamed LIVE at Facebook.com/fishtankatstanton, on Facebook.com/oneannapolisonelove and the City of Annapolis One Annapolis page.  

GRID 202 Partners is a Washington, DC- and North Carolina-based financial services company specializing in financial planning, investment management, and tax planning.  

The Financial Planning 101 workshop will cover, “Building a Plan for Financial Success.” During the series we will address the following topics:

-          Budgeting and Organizing your finances

-          Planning for Retirement

-          Risk Management and Insurance 

-           Investing in Strategies that Align with your Values 


The F.I.S.H. Tank #WellnessWednesdays workshops are a continuing series of learning experiences focused at the intersection of personal health and wealth.  #WellnessWednesday outreach and engagement was previously held at Stanton Center before the COVI-19 pandemic State of Emergency declaration. These virtual sessions are a continuation of that programming.

The Mayor's Office would like to thank all The F.I.S.H. Tank community partners for their continued work in underinvested communities across the City of Annapolis. 


For more information about F.I.S.H. Tank Virtual Workshop programming please contact Adetola Ajayi at aoajayi@annapolis.gov.