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Considering Leaving BigLaw? Here are the Pros and Cons. Thumbnail

Considering Leaving BigLaw? Here are the Pros and Cons.

As a mid-level associate at a large law firm, if you aren’t already contemplating the future of your career, you should be. Your marketability is at its peak, and your phone may already be ringing off the hook with opportunities. With so many options for such an important decision, making an informed choice is key.

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Estate Planning for All Thumbnail

Estate Planning for All

What will be your legacy? Have you spent time thinking about it? Maybe you want a foundation committed to championing the causes that fill you with passion. Or maybe you want to ensure your family will be financially comfortable for generations to come. As a financial advisor, I have seen how quickly the strongest investment plans can be unraveled due to inefficient wealth transfer strategies, costly taxes and expensive court costs.

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